Feb 13-18 2012
10am - 7pm
London, UK

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About this Course

Message from the Instructor

When I was young, I knew I could do something wonderful for Islam. My idea was AlMaghrib Institute. Ten years ago, I wanted to shortcut my success with AlMaghrib Institute by learning from a Muslim business leader who had accomplished something similar. Alas, I found no one, and had to climb the emotional and painful trial-and-error mountain myself.

Who are you? Do you have within you sky high dreams for business profit, for serving the community, for leaving the biggest legacy ever - for Muslims and humanity? Is your dream so intense that you know you will realize it in your lifetime, no matter what?

If you do, then let me be your mentor for this final thought:

Ten years ago, I would have done anything in the world to attend NicheHero and learn from someone with the experience I now have. Someone who had been there, done that - so that I would know in advance what works and what doesn’t, saving me valuable years. Someone who had LIVED what was in the textbooks - so that I could read in his face what no ink had ever printed.

Ten years ago, lonely Muhummad Alshareef, when you didn’t even know me, I cared so dearly for a seminar like NicheHero. It is for that burning ten year old love that I designed this NicheHero leadership journey. For you.

- Muhammad Alshareef

Message from the Students

I cherish every single lesson learned in NicheHero and never have I been more excited to act upon what I have learnt. There was a section which had the most powerful 15 minutes I have ever heard in my entire life which no amount of money could buy. It has changed the way I view life, success and what I need to do to achieve what Allah SWT wants us to achieve.” -Atiq Nakrawala
NicheHero was LIFE CHANGING! The thing that I benefited the most is the realization that Allah has given me and these few others the opportunity and ability to gain this knowledge and lead the Ummah and all that is holding us back is ourselves.” -Uzair Khan
I just wanted to share that I was hesitant to sign up to NicheHero because I wasn't sure if I'm getting my investment worth…Then subhanAllah, got one idea that would get me back multiple times my investment insha'Allah.” -Shaykh Waleed Abdulhakeem
You really cannot put a price tag to the information that was shared with us Alhamdulillah - it wasn’t just theory or practical implementation, it was this “wow attitude” that we developed from NicheHero that was most definitely priceless.” -Safa Yasmin
Growing up, I was told that building businesses was about being lucky. Of course, in the end it all goes back to tawfeeq from Allah. Now that I’ve attended NicheHero, I know that there is also a science behind it, which can be learnt and applied. Oh and the NicheHero binder is worth its weight in gold.” -Yousuf Syed
I loved the 6 days! Muhammad Alshareef researched, tested, and documented the past 8-years of his experiences and then had the courage and love to share it with us in utter step-by-step simplicity!” -Chris Schumacher
There was a plethora of lessons learned throughout the week. I can't help but feel an epitome of sorrow for those who were on the border line of attending but let something get in the way. Any doubts that people had coming into the seminar were immediately annihilated even before the seminar started. For me it was as soon as I started to flick through the binder.” -Shaykh Navaid Aziz

Course Outline

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
  • Day 5
  • Day 6
  • Day 1: The WOW Idea!

    1. What’s Your Goal?
    2. Leadership Soft Spots: Discover Your Strengths
    3. Directional Thinking
    4. Modality Thinking
    5. Cross-Industry Thinking
    6. Good-Excellent-Outstanding Thinking
    7. Where to discover WOW ideas
    8. Where not to search for WOW ideas
    9. Laws of Branding
    10. Laws of Marketing
    11. The 9 Pitfalls of Idea Generation
    12. BRING IT!
  • Day 2: The One-Man-WOW Show

    1. The One-Man-WOW Show: SELL!
    3. Phases: Identify patterns, Isolate your weaknesses
    4. Bricks of Business
    5. Instant Empathy Avatar
    6. Avatar Phases
    7. Organizational Chart
    8. Differentiate Yourself or Die
    9. Activity: Visual Milestones
    10. Building Celebrity and Authority
    11. The 17 Laws of One-Man-WOW Show
    12. The Laws of Influence
    13. Influence: The NicheHero’s Ultimate Goal
    14. The 7 Hammers that Smashed the Criticism Idol
    15. Phases of Criticism
    16. At-Ease Confidence
    17. Hot Pepper: Setup Your Company
    18. Customers that RAVE about you!
    19. Internet Marketing Express Lane
    20. Eyes on the Scoreboard
    21. Crossing the Chasm
    22. The Beast Called Procrastination
    23. Accelerate Yourself
    24. The Pitfalls of One-Man-WOW Show
    25. BRING IT!
  • Day 3: All-star player Attraction

    1. The Definition of All-Star
    2. Strong Minded Profile Types: To Attract or No?
    3. The 8 Commandments of All-Star Attraction
    4. What are you offering?
    5. All-Star Interview Strategies
    6. Top Grading Principles
    7. Automatic Failures: Anger
    8. The fine art of Jedi Negotiation
    9. WCS – Worst Case Scenario
    10. Gatekeepers: Who are they and how to WOW them
    11. Gatekeepers of the Muslim Market
    12. The Pitfalls of All-Star Player Attraction
    13. Conference POWER!
    14. BRING IT!
  • Day 4: WOW-Management

    1. The Strongest Leader
    2. The Law of Constraints
    3. Monkey Management
    4. Flawless Email Shura
    5. The 23 Commandments of WOW-Management
    6. The Fine Art of Trusting Others
    7. Six human needs and how it applies to A-players
    8. The Pitfalls of WOW-management
    9. BRING IT!
  • Day 5: The Creative Art of Cloning

    1. Can you bake a world-class cake?
    2. One Golden Word: Checklists!
    3. How we choose a new expansion city
    4. How NOT to choose a new expansion city
    5. Who to attract in an expansion city: Opinion Leaders
    6. “Automatic” Success
    7. The Pitfalls of Cloning
    8. BRING IT!
  • Day 6: Success Peaks, Valleys, and Plateaus

    1. The 21 success peaks and valleys
    2. BRING IT!


  • Ghulam Kehar
  • Leenat Jilani
  • Hamza Ayedi
  • Ify Okoye
  • Farhana Choudhury
  • Yousef Hendriks
  • Ridhwaana Qureshi
  • Imaad Al Islam
  • Sh.Moutaseem Al Hameedy
  • Shaykh Waleed Basyouni
  • Shaykh Navaid
  • Sister Navin
  • Sister Safa Yasmin
  • Sister Sayiddah
  • Brother Ammar
- Ghulam Kehar
- Leenat Jilani
- Hamza Ayedi
- Ify Okoye
- Farhana Choudhury
- Yousef Hendriks
- Ridhwaana Qureshi
- Imaad Al Islam
- Shaykh Moutaseem Al Hameedy
- Shaykh Waleed Basyouni
- Shaykh Navaid Aziz
- Sr. Navin
- Sister Safa Yasmin